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    We understand you because we’ve been you.

    Our previous in-house background gives us a unique perspective and ability to and offer a pragmatic set of solutions.

    We understand you because we’ve been you.

    Our previous in-house background gives us a unique perspective and ability to and offer a pragmatic set of solutions.

    Our pledge.

    These are the promises we make to our partners…

    We pledge to be honest with our clients, to respect our clients’ viewpoints, moral position, and instructions. CW pledge to value our clients’ time, and our clients’ budget and bottom line. CW shall always treat our clients with integrity and respect.

    CW believes in open and honest communication, even when the message is not what is the desired outcome. We pledge that our clients will be respected by being fully informed, offered pragmatic options, and provided alternative perspectives.

    CW pledge to be empathetic toward our clients. CW have the breadth of experience to effectively step into our clients’ shoes, to understand their feelings and perspectives, and to use that understanding to guide our actions aligned with our clients’ best interests.

    We pledge to be dynamic, to be responsive, nimble, able to respond quickly, and positively.

    CW pledge to continuously have a strong intention and focus in working with – and for – our clients, with purpose, and with a strategic plan of action. We pledge to vigorously pursue our clients’ best interests, and respect and honor our commitment to our clients.

    CW respect our clients. We firmly believe in getting what you pay for, in value for money. We pledge to be upfront and honest with our fees structure. We continually tailor our fee packages to be uniquely suitable for our clients. CW pledge to provide our clients a Billing Practice Statement upon engagement, that may be updated from time to time. CW pledge never to “nickel and dime” our clients – we don’t charge our clients for incidentals, office supplies, and other frustrating disbursements that other firms charge.

    Above all, CW pledge loyalty. CW pledge to continually strive for client satisfaction, to preserve and respect our long-standing relationship, and to provide best in class legal and business service to our clients.

    Synergy in Motion.

    Carpenter Wellington was founded on the idea that clients aren’t just clients they are partners and friends. Those types of ongoing relationships require commitment and dependability.

    We draw on years of experience working in startups and large companies, as in-house corporate counsel right through to General Counsel. We’ve handled legal day to day matters, we’ve run the team, and we share that broad range of experience with our clients.

    Quality Information is Paramount.

    Entrepreneurs, business management, and in-house counsel don’t just simply need answers; they want to know the ‘whys’ and the ‘what ifs’. We believe our clients are entitled to explanations rather than instructions. CW will take the time to provide you with what you need to be fully informed and comfortable with the path forward – even if it’s not the one initially intended.

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