Why Choose Carpenter Wellington?

It is not uncommon to be asked, “What is your Superpower?” In other words, how do you distinguish yourself from the rest? Carpenter Wellington (CW) was founded on a fundamental value proposition to provide a uniquely tailored experience to our clients, ensuring each of clients feels like CW is working exclusively for them.

CW provide dynamic and tailored General Counsel services, together with full service corporate and commercial legal and business advice. We do not see ourselves as simply providing a professional service; we formulate long-standing relationships with our clients. We recognize that every client and company has their own definition of success, their own challenges, sufficiently mitigating risk while also taking a calculated business risk in order to grow revenue and scale business, all while diligently managing their own bottom line.

Like any loyal partner and friend, CW strive to be there for and with our clients, throughout their entire journey. We aim to provide the support and guidance necessary and desired to determine the goals that best support your strategic business objectives.

CW provides best in class legal service with a personal touch.

Our team deeply understand the CW Client Pledge and exhibit this with every transaction, every encounter we have with our clients. We understand that entrepreneurs, business management, and in-house counsel don’t just simply need answers; they want to know the ‘whys’ and the ‘what ifs.’ Our clients are entitled to explanations rather than instructions. CW will take the time to provide you with what you need to be fully informed and comfortable with the path forward – even if it’s not the one initially intended. CW will provide different perspectives, will serve as a sounding block, and offer a pragmatic set of solutions.

We can do this because we take the time to know our clients, and their business, and short-term and long-term objectives.

CW is not driven by metrics, billable, revenues per lawyer – which are often the subject of rankings and commentary in the legal press. Here at CW, we do not deem these to be the metrics or indicators of success. Rather, we see ourselves as an extension of our clients’ team, as an extended business partner, who will share successes and challenges along the journey. Our success comes from staying true to our fundamental value proposition, to our Client Pledge, and ultimately to our clients.

This is our Superpower. I invite you to find out for yourself.


Ryan L. Carpenter

Attorney & Managing Director