Data Privacy

CW help clients ensure the privacy and security of the data they collect, store, and process as regulatory and competitive pressure continues to increase. As the regulatory environment evolves and becomes increasingly complex, CW can help clients adopt compliant strategies that enable them to both protect and leverage data.

Data is now the most valuable asset for many organizations, but if not adequately managed, it can be a critical liability. CW can help companies to develop new products, business models, and revenue lines by understanding and utilizing data effectively. CW strives to assist companies establish a robust privacy governance structure, supported by the tools needed to ensure day-to-day privacy compliance. Moreover, CW operate a “privacy by design” approach and works with clients with outsourcing, commercial contracts, and assisting clients in developing compliant, tailored enterprise-wide solutions. CW will offer pragmatic, commercial advice that allows clients to leverage and monetize the wealth of information at their fingertips, while meeting applicable privacy requirements.

In addition, CW can advise on privacy and cybersecurity due diligence in M&A transactions, and help clients to understand and mitigate risk in the acquisition and financing process. Whether a client is just getting started on a project involving big data or looking to assess the privacy and security of the data they own, CW’s team is here to help.


CW can assist clients put documented policies in place to guard against threats to their networks. Government investigations, class-action lawsuits, loss of business, and damage to reputation are just some of the risks faced by companies who fail to adequately protect themselves against this modern-day risk. We can help companies develop and refine their cybersecurity plans and policies, train senior management and legal staff on incident response, review vendor contracts for appropriate allocation of cybersecurity risk, evaluate cybersecurity insurance policies, and conduct due diligence of cybersecurity risks in M&A transactions.

In the event of a data breach or other serious cybersecurity incident, CW stands ready to help manage the crisis, by supervising a privileged forensic investigation, ensuring required notifications are made, counseling on communications strategies, advising on potential compliance and litigation risks, and liaising with law enforcement where appropriate. CW will provide strategic guidance and insightful counsel on complex privacy and security issues, often at critical moments — whether in the midst of a crisis response, government investigation, or major transaction.