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General Counsel Services

CW’s General Counsel go well above and beyond law firms’ traditional offering of simply addressing the work you send to them, complete and produce that work product, followed by a bill. CW recognize that General Counsel services require more, that the inherit value of General Counsel services rest in proactively identifying potential issues, and addressing them, as well as being agile and exact in day-to-day business requests and requirements. We don’t just do as we’re instructed, we strive to go exceed your expectations by offering proactive services.

CW has deep experience in both General Counsel role and Corporate Counsel role. We understand the intrinsic need to balance the needs of the business with legal risks and compliance. Our job is to filter and apply the information and advice provided to make good business decisions. We are well equipped to make those decisions – to apply legal information and advice at the cross section of business and law.

Too often a business owner without a General Counsel gives thought to the prospect of hiring in-house counsel, or a General Counsel. However, legal function is often deemed to be a cost center with no immediate revenue generating capabilities. However, the true value of legal counsel can become evident only too late. CW strive to offer cost effective, practical general counsel services that strike the balance of providing our clients the degree of insurance and assurance with often high-risk issues necessary to facilitate business. CW can assist you by avoidance in taking on the costly overhead of a full-time Chief Legal Counsel. Moreover, even large companies that employ in-house counsel often find themselves stretched a little too thin.

Let us take that headache on.

CW invite you to outsource management of your legal function to us. We can do all the legal work for you. We can do some of the legal work, the overflow from your internal legal resources. Or, we can effectively and efficiently manage your legal needs and ensure that the work is done by your resources; we personally oversee it. We offer a variety of fee structures that is best suited to you, to ensure you stay within your legal budget line item. With a structured, quantitative analysis of your business, industry and legal function and our years of experience, we will methodically manage your risk and keep your legal spend in line. We will take ownership to ensure you save money where able, and also when it is necessary for you need to invest money as it makes sense in the context – we will advise you as necessary. We will strive to save you money even when you include our fees. How we do that is simple; by managing well – what we do and who (what firms) we get to do your work.

We will take the time to completely understand your business and takes ownership of the legal issues you face. As outside general counsel, CW will proactively identify legal risks and opportunities for controlling and striving to lower your legal department spending. If you’re a company in Early or Formative Stage, without a dedicated in-house attorney, if you’re a solo General Counsel (or with a small number or resources) of a company in Early or Formative Stage who doesn’t have a large staff (i.e., a “working” General Counsel), CW’s outside general counsel services are tailored for you.

​We offer a range of comprehensive subscription packages, ranging from consultation to managing the resource or team dedicated to legal work, right through to outsourcing anything related to legal, including proactive initiative projects and company internal risk audits. We provide you with what your business needs.

​Our flat rate offerings include:

  1. Comprehensive audit and, where appropriate, revisions of existing contractual documentations;
  2. Formulation of escalation procedures, streamlining and expediting review (and leadtime) of contracts;
  3. General Contact Services, which provides unlimited monthly calls, emails, and IM, (including a standing weekly 30 minute call), for questions, ideas, strategy.
  4. Unlimited review of redlined and third party contracts, direct negotiation of contracts with opposing party/counsel, and preparation of certain customized contractual documents.
  5. Comprehensive General Counsel Services, including complete oversight of all legal issues or in a supplementary role with client resources.

All service offerings are tailored to your business’ needs.

Outsource your legal needs to us and stay focused on growing your business.

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