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Intellectual Property & Software Licensing

Outsourcing can provide companies with significant benefits in terms of lower costs and enhance performance at lower costs. However, if executed poorly, outsourcing can cost companies dearly, in higher costs, poor service, poor morale, as well as immeasurable damage to an organization’s reputation and goodwill. CW has notable experience with advising outsourcing companies. We understand the philosophy that underpins outsourcing and the complex pricing, service level, and governance mechanisms that have developed around outsourcing.

We know that the significant commitment and substantial investment of time, people, and resources necessary in connection with outsourcing, so as to obtain better performance at lower cost for the organization. We will leverage that broad experience to work closely and efficiently with clients to help ease that burden and to achieve success by offering pragmatic advice and solutions, providing market-oriented, commercially focused legal advice, aligned with our clients’ strategy and goals.

CW will advise and support clients through every step of the outsourcing process from strategy development, to going-to-market, contract signature, ongoing contract management and, if necessary, dispute resolution.

CW prides itself on aligning with the client’s business, and function as an extension of the client’s in-house legal team to deliver practical solutions to complex transactions, efficiently.

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