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Intellectual Property

In this new economic age in which financial responsibility and “no surprises” are now facts of life in the world of corporate legal budgets, CW take great pride in working with our clients to achieve their desired results in a cost-effective and efficient manner.

CW can handle transactional, advisory and disputes work, in addition to dealing with IP issues in the course of drafting and negotiating a wider range of transaction documents. Whether the job is standalone, or part of a larger transaction we can provide advice and support with a suitable range of experience and skills. We can offer our clients our practically applied IP knowledge and expertise, as well as a deep understanding of the challenges involved with conducting a market leading, international business in a constantly evolving technological environment.

Intellectual property advice

CW offers offer a breadth of experience in IP transactional and advisory work, covering the full range of IP subjects, in both domestic and international contexts, including:

  • technology licenses and joint ventures and other forms of technical cooperation and development;
  • brand licensing, sponsorship and franchising agreements;
  • copyright-based agreements across the creative industries with a particularly strong experience and focus on digital and online aspects;
  • analysis of IP portfolios and IP-related agreements in M&A and financing projects, inputting into transaction documents and preparing associated agreements;
  • IP risk assessment on proposed new ventures and advice on risk minimization;
  • advice on best practice use and protection of IP;
  • unfair competition
  • advertising
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